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Truck Driving School Calgary

Are you looking for a Truck driving school in Calgary? Punjab Driving School is the most trusted name in Alberta!

Efficient truck driving schools are generally recognized and are responsible for training plentiful students that can be able to successfully take their place in this energetic industry. A professional Truck Driving School indeed produces the best drivers.

These graduates are exceedingly preferred because the trucking companies know that they have been taught properly. It is essential to attain driver training from a purely experienced Truck Driving School Calgary to obtain the desired services. This is because they not only possess the necessary driving skills and experience, but they also have congenial communication skills and plenty of patience to perform this task. Students who obey and respect their instructor will not only learn faster but will perform much superior at all their given tasks.


There is an immense deal of time that must be spent in the classroom during a truck driving course. It is often said that teachers from the Best Driving School in Calgary always produce quality drivers.


Trucking companies need students who once trained, can effortlessly make the move into their fleet of trucks. If you are enrolled in  Driving School Calgary you will have to read, do homework and participate in class properly. Moreover, you should perform as much practical driving and spend time as you can. You should be more attentive and proactive in class while attending the class so that you will be able to get the driving license on your first attempt.

At Punjab Driving School our courses are a combination of in-class education and on-hands over-the-road training. Taught by experienced instructors with real experience in the transportation industry, our classes will teach you everything you need to know so that you can pass your driving test.


Our specialized  Calgary Truck Driving School course is designed to assist you to become a secure, skilled and proficient driver. You can learn the expertise needed by experiencing instruction both in the classroom and while driving. With your efficient training from Truck Driving School in Calgary, you will be geared up to hit the road smoothly. We provide you with a purely result-oriented way out where you can learn at your own pace.

truck driving school calgarybest truck driving school calgary


Class 1 MELT Truck Driving Training in Calgary

Class 1 MELT training program was started on March 1, 2019, by Alberta Transportation and Punjab Driving School, Calgary is certified to provide complete truck driving training to budding truck drivers. The complete course contains 40.5 Hrs. of classroom coaching and 72.7 Hrs. of Driving, Reversing and Yard part of the training. This includes driver training on Manual Transmission and Complete Pre-trip of Circle check, Under the hood inspection, Uncoupling-Coupling and Air brake course (Q-endorsement).

If the student does not already have Q-Endorsement on his driver’s license, he has to undergo a further 8.5 hrs Air Brake Course. After the successful completion of the Training part, a Knowledge Test at a registry and a road test by a Alberta Transportation certified examiner is followed, and then you are eligible to get a class 1 driving license.

For more information plz. visit the office of the best truck driving school in Calgary, at Westwind’s Drive NE, which is near Westwind’s Police Station, or call 4039264195

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Best Truck Driving School in Calgary: FAQs

Punjab Driving School has been providing services to become safe truck drivers for the last more than 8 years and has proved itself as an industry leader in Truck Driving Schools in Calgary. Hundreds of students have successfully passed after getting a class 1 driving course and have been placed in top companies in Alberta and Canada.

Where can I find a truck driving school near me?

Punjab Driving School Calgary is located in Westwind’s Dr. NE near the Police Station. NE Calgary communities of Martindale, Taradale, Corel Springs, Saddleridge, Falconridge and Castleridge are 5 to 10 minutes’ drive from us. The nearest LRT Stations are Whitehorn and McKnight/Westwind from where regular Calgary Transit buses run to our office. We have a spacious yard at the intersection of 64 Ave. and Metis Trail NE and our fleet includes 10 trucks that cater to the needs of our MELT Class 1 and 3 students. Alberta Transportation certified truck driver training is provided to aspiring truck drivers.
We have students from NE Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Brooks, Balzac, Carstairs and Strathmore.

How do I become a truck driver in Alberta?

The following needs to be done to become a commercial driver
1 18 years of age and valid Alberta Class 5 driver’s (full) licence and Satisfy medical requirements.
2 Complete the Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) training program from Alberta transportation-certified driving school
3 Pass knowledge tests from the registry
4 Pass road test.

How many hrs a day is class 1 training?

We can have a maximum of 4 hrs a day of MELT Training in the yard. In the theory classroom, each session is 8 hrs. a day and that is completed in 5 days.

Can I get a student loan for truck driver training

In case you need financial assistance for class 1 driver training, you are advised to get in touch with our counsellor, she will try her best to help you out, following the guidelines of approved institutions.

Do you provide job assistance after completion of training?

Our driving school has good relations with some of the leading trucking companies in Alberta. In case any job is required, you are advised to get in touch with Senior Driver Instructor, Sartaj Pannu, who will get your interview and road test conducted with the hiring companies. As our professional driving instructors train with dedication, students are preferred by the companies.

What are some of the high-paying truck driver jobs?

After completion of the MELT Training program, you can have the following decently paying jobs :
Ice road trucking
Oil Tanker hauling
Oversized load hauling
Luxury car hauling
Team driving
Owner-operator jobs
and also some other options are there depending upon your interest, experience and availability in the market.

How much can I make as a commercial driver?

Most companies pay on a per-mile basis, though some city-based truckers get hourly salaries.
Given the truck driver demand, and with experience, specialization, MELT training and the right company, you can make $60,000+ on a trucker salary.

How much does the truck driving course in Calgary cost?

Here are the details for fee of MELT Driver training :

Class 1 MELT Driver Lessons : $7500/-
Air Brake Course : $200/-
Truck Rent for Road test : $200/-
Total : $7900/- (GST Extra)

Do you offer financing options for the top truck driving school in Calgary??

Do you wish to enroll in the truck driving instruction courses offered by Punjab Driving Academy, but you lack the necessary cash to do so? If you want to finance the entire cost of the MELT Course for 12 or 18 months, you might be eligible for 0% interest and equal installments. You may get a detailed list of funding possibilities for truck driver training lessons with the assistance of our professional office team. If you are unable to pay the entire amount in one or two installments, please inquire further about our many financing options.