Defensive Driving Course Calgary

Defensive Driving Course

Defensive Driving Course in Calgary is provided by an Experienced Instructor having years of experience. Defensive driving classes are conducted every Wednesday. Currently, one of the major concerns for people driving in traffic. In a city like Calgary, where winters can be intense with heavy snowfall, roads can be terrifying for both beginners and experienced drivers. The key to becoming a self-assured and secure driver is to know how to react in a meticulous situation. It is also significant to learn precise driving procedures so that you can navigate your way out of intense traffic or unfavourable weather conditions. If you are struggling with confidence problems when it comes to driving or if you are an extremely anxious driver, a specialized driving school can help you become a superior driver.

Proficient Driving School  Calgary is all about knowing and identifying risks, and deliberating exactly how to evade them. Here are some of the hazardous driving situations you will learn about if you take a driver enhancement course.

Following Too Strongly

Cars are large, heavy bulks of steel, and once they start going, it’s not easy to get them to stop. Therefore, a cordial defensive driving course teaches to never pursue another car too closely. There is always a prospect that other cars will crash on their brakes, which means you will need a lot of time to do the same if you wish to avoid an accident.

At Punjab Driving School we help you to avoid all dangerous situations, so you will be able to learn the “2-second rule.” It ensures that you have at minimum two seconds of distance between your car and the car in front of you.

Not being Careful at Intersections

At Punjab Driving School you will learn remarkable defensive driving techniques that any time two or more cars are going to be in extreme proximity to each other, which often happens at intersections and on-ramps, there is going to be an increase in the possibility of an accident.

So it is necessary to consider the useful Calgary Driving School while in these areas. Whenever you combine onto a freeway, always use your blinker. If someone is trying to merge onto the freeway on a slope, offer them enough room. At intersections, be extra watchful of pedestrians, and make a complete stop before you make a right turn on a red light.

Defensive Driving Classes in Calgary

Before you start driving your car, make sure to at least think defensively. It includes ensuring you are not drunk or under the influence of drugs before you start driving. Studies have revealed that people who drive exhausted are as poor drivers as drunk drivers. If you feel exceedingly drained, do yourself a favour and rest for an hour or two before you start driving.

If you are seeking a speedy and easy Defensive Driving Course in Calgary, you are at the right place. Many drivers have taken our valuable driver improvement course to eliminate points from driving records. We have been assisting drivers to refresh their driving expertise, clear their driving records, and reinstate their driver’s licenses. You can save time and money by taking our helpful defensive driving course. We make the procedure simple. All you need to do is sign up for the defensive driving course, and once you finish, our qualified instructors will contact you to provide you with excellent services.

Where can I find a Defensive Driving Course Near Me in NE Calgary?

One of the best defensive driving schools providing demerit points reduction courses in NE Calgary is conveniently located in Westwinds Drive NE Calgary and our yard is at the intersection of 64 Ave and Metis Trail NE Calgary Alberta. Nearby communities are Martindale, Taradale, Coral Springs, Saddleridge, Falconridge and Castleridge. We are just a 2-minute drive from Westwinds/Mcknight LRT Station.

Demerit Points reduction course: Quick facts

Instructor:                     Nizar Lakha

Duration:                     7 Hrs of one-day Class

Cost:                            $ 125

Location:                    Unit 209     4656 Westwind’s Dr.
NE Calgary Ab

Syllabus Covered:                Driving in different conditions
Safe vehicle operation
Alberta Traffic Bylaws
Right of way
Handling emergencies videos

For more information plz call 403 903 8200 or visit our office in Westwinds Dr NE Calgary

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