Class One Driving School Calgary

Class One Driving School

Punjab Driving school is a unique Class One Driving School in Calgary providing training for professional driving licenses in Calgary. Most other schools are only focused on one type of license. On top of that, if you speak Spanish or some other language than English, you might end up spending more time understanding the instructor than learning how to drive. We have an instructor who can fluently speak English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and even Punjabi. These instructors have spent years on roads to learn how to drive any vehicle you can think of. From motorcycles to heavy-duty trucks with air brake equipped trailers, they have driven them all.

If you are someone looking for a professional license to drive a full capacity bus, a truck, any vehicle with 3 axles or more, etc. we can help you obtain the training and prepare for taking the test with confidence. Here are some details about these professional licenses to help you understand them better:

Class 1 Driver Training in Calgary

As a Class 1 driving school in Calgary, we help you become a professional truck driver. You can operate vehicles with 3 or more axles as part of your Class 3 license as well but you can’t drive a full-capacity bus, truck, and trailers exceeding a certain weight limit, etc. With a Class 1 driver’s license you can drive anything from Class 1 to Class 5 vehicles excluding only the motorcycle which can be driven as a learner. You will also need to obtain proper airbrake endorsement training to operate trucks, buses, and trailers equipped with air brakes. Punjab Driving school provides you full theoretical and practical training for your Class 1 license with proper certification for airbrake endorsement as well.

After obtaining a Class 1 license, you can avail yourself the of job opportunities from big companies looking for truck drivers to carry their items from city to city and state to state. For carrying any sensitive or dangerous items, these companies provide their training. These jobs are very lucrative in terms of pay but highly challenging due to hours of traveling during days and nights.

Class 2 Driver Training in Calgary

You would want to obtain a Class 2 license when you want to be a professional bus driver. Once you have obtained the license, you can drive public buses and serve the public in one of the best ways possible. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this license and must have exited the probationary license stage. In addition to buses, you can also operate any vehicles that come under Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 driving licenses. You can drive Class 1 and Class 6 vehicles only as a learner. Of course, since buses are also equipped with airbrakes, you will have to obtain approved certification and endorsement for airbrake systems.

Our experienced trainers help you with full-on training bus driving and the use of airbrake systems to have it appear on your license.

Class 3 Driver Training in Calgary

Punjab driving is also a class 3 driving school in Calgary. Since Class 3 license is also a professional license, you can’t obtain it unless you have been taken off the Class 5-GDL program. Your age must be 18 years to obtain this license. You can drive vehicles for Class 5 license and any vehicles with three axles or more.

You can even drive trucks with trailers but if your trailer and truck are equipped with airbrakes, the weight of your trailer cannot be more than 4600kilograms. You can even drive the Class 2 and Class 4 vehicles if they do not have any passengers on them. As for buses and trucks that are on Class 1 and Class 2 licenses, you can only drive them as a learner.

At Calgary Driving School, we have served thousands of students and trained them to perfection regardless of the type of vehicles they wanted to drive. We understand the mental difference between a new driver and an experienced driver looking for a professional license, and so we adjust our training particulars accordingly. We are always ready to help you start with your training in our ongoing and newly starting classes. You can visit our office or just call us to know when you can start with your professional driver’s learning.

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