Bus Driving Course

Punjab Driving Academy Punjab Driving Academy is a top notch bus driving school Calgary has to offer. With highly experience and professional instructor, we take pride in providing the best driving courses, classes and training. If you are someone looking to drive a bus as part of their profession, you have come to the right place. In order for you to be able to drive any bus with any number of passengers, you will have to obtain the Class 2 driver’s license. With a Class 2 driving license, the only vehicles you are able to drive only as a learner are the ones under Class 1 and Class 6 license.

We understand how much responsibility you have on your shoulders as a bus driver. A common problem for new bus drivers is backing the bus using the mirrors. We give special attention to this skill and make sure you learn this art fast. We have made a bus available for you to learn this type of driving in the most natural and practical way possible. Our program also included your full-time training on the use and mechanics of air brake system. By certifying you with air brake system certificate we open doors for you to become a professional bus driver.

Keep in mind that you cannot drive an air brake system equipped bus unless you have the air brake endorsement on your license. This rule applies not only to your professional bus driver license but also for Class 1 driving license i.e. for driving full sized trucks and trailers. As a holder of Class 1 license you are allowed to drive the heavy duty trucks and even the buses. However, you are still limited to driving the motorcycles only as a learner. Once again, air brake endorsement is compulsory on your license to operate trucks with air brakes.

Punjab Driving Academy, being the top truck driving school Calgary, has all it takes for you to be a professional truck driver. We ask you to take the Class 1 and/or Class 2 knowledge before you start training for either of them. We also make arrangements for your driving test so you don’t have to go through this hassle. Our training consists of hours of theoretical and practical learning distributed wisely to not only prepare you for your driving test but also make a perfect driver behind the wheel.

In addition to the above mentioned training, we also have courses available for special training. If you want to add air brake endorsement on your license before you complete the Class 1 driving license training, you can do that with our special program dedicated to air brake certification. We also have the defensive driving course available to help you become a safe driver on the road and remove 3 demerit points from your license. We also have the simulated tests and quizzes to help you prepare full for your driving test. If you feel the need for it, we can also help you warm up using one of our vehicles before your driving test.