Is Driving Really a Fun at “Punjab Driving Academy”?

Keen to Drive by Yourself? Welcome to “Punjab Driving Academy” – known for offering quality training, in-depth lessons, and comprehensive syllabus! Theory and assessments at Calgary Driving School! Qualified, experienced and certified! Punctual professionals! Standardized syllabus! Student-oriented sessions!

Key Points:

  • Master the skills, no matter what your age is
  • Get expert instruction
  • No delay in training
  • Punctual staff
  • Possessing Top qualities
  • Regular classes
  • Intuitive staff
  • Competent environment
  • Multimedia lessons
  • Using advanced technology to elaborate sensitive points

Fun Way of Learning:

Do you want to have the most fun while training? You’re in the right place. We make sure to teach you in a less stressful environment. No difficulty in learning! No frustrating experience! No anxiety! Quality coaching! The courteous staff keeps you entertained throughout the period of tutoring. Instructing, analyzing, correcting and helping you grow with every single step you learn via Class 3 Driver Training in Calgary. Constructing your skills via practice, practice and practice! Get skilled quickly! Systematic learning process! Consistent training! Efficient staff! Dedicated to making you licensed! All training goes in a complete order! Careful theory assessment! Practically explaining all vehicle and roads related key-points

Specialized Training:

  • Well routine session
  • Well-ordered classes
  • Well organized set up
  • Well planned practical exercises

Systemized Lessons:

Our lessons are regulated and arranged on the stress-relieving strategy. Ceaseless support! Constant patience and supervision of the instructors! Now undergo the commendable experience. Constant assistance is available for every single student!  Low-cost Driving School in Calgary, effective in making you skilled. All critical key-points get covered in a comprehensive lesson. Boosting your interest, passion, and motivating you to become self-supportive when it comes to handling your car. No more fear of accidents. We offer reliability, and strong trainers, possessing all the traits you want to see in your ideal instructor – Patient, calm, and positive! Encouraging and motivating. All the professionals are actively and practically seeking your growth. The most fun way of teaching you effectively.

Intuitive Staff:

Enroll now to become a strong learner. Get the full range of our support. Competent environment! Take your course of Class 3 Driver Training in Calgary. Learn the way you want. Our flexible support service ensures your satisfaction. Going beyond your needs! Patience, reliance, persistence, and powerfulness, is what we have to offer you. All lessons delivered in a comfortably constructive, fun and fruitful way. A potent and powerful way of teaching! Persuasive and impressive teaching techniques! Adopting the potent strategy and sound methods making it far easier to comprehend all steps to handle your car. Influential and conclusive theory and assessment! Protecting you from negative environmental influences on a heavy traffic road. Coaches ascertain to pep you up for the upcoming challenges ahead on the highway or curved-pathway. Lucid and clear practical demonstration making clear all complicated road-tricks and vehicle-parts!

 At a Fraction of the Cost:

Reasonable prices for practical training, essential exercises, actual assessment, operative handling, skillful steering, and competitive environment. Virtual classes, instant support, well-founded academy, cost-effective courses, and plausible assistance at your service. Full training via Driving School in Calgary at pocket-friendly prices!

Mastering Dynamic Driving Skills by “Punjab Driving Academy”

Keen to be a Driving Master?

Join the “Punjab Driving Academy” – a reliable Calgary Driving School. Ensuring to make you a master in a few months! Trusted, certified, police checked center. Playing a big role in making you skilled! Well organized training. Designed in a systematic way! Outstanding setup. Pep you up, paying attention to every single step.

No Road Sense?

No big deal! We transform you fully. No more amateur steering. Be the master of your car and roads. No more road anxiety. No depending on others. Undergo the surprising experience. Get the full sense of car’s steering, brakes, engine, fuel, oil, and the lights. Understand all complicated parts of the vehicle during Air Brake Course in Calgary. Learn all the key points what make you a skilled, trained, and certified driver. Get the direct ownership of your car.

Searching for a Professional Service?

Get trained by wonderful professional. Stress-free, safe and effective! Educated qualified expert at your service all the time! Correct steering. Making you tackle hard road and weather situations. Offering you an authentic license! Not leaving any question mark for you! Get fully certified. Patient coaches, through the syllabus, and on-time courses available!

Looking for a Trusted Local Academy?

We offer you trained professionals. Well known for pepping up thousands of skilled driver every year. Cost effective Calgary Driving School! Highly recommended by the locals! No waste of time. Our instructors scrutinize each step you learn. You undergo test and examination!

Want to Enjoy the Solo-Steering?

Join our company. Qualified staff offering you a full assessment and in-depth lessons throughout the training sessions! Comprehensive theory and practical exercises! Instructors are available for perpetual support. Analyzing every single process, keeping in mind your capabilities!  Quality ongoing lessons. Approachable staff, willing to address your concerns, doubts, and queries! Removing indecisions when it comes to handling your car by you! No more lack of certainty. Friendly instructors build trust in you during Air Brake Course in Calgary!

What to Learn?

The in-depth lessons cover all basic steps, as follows:

  • Steering
  • Stopping off
  • Gear control
  • Using horn
  • Getting a familiarity
  • Sitting position
  • Angel Parking
  • Reversing
  • Moving left
  • Changing oil
  • Engine control
  • Controlling the breaks
  • Maintaining safe distance
  • Using lights
  • Checking the fuel
  • Moving right
  • Using belt
  • Crossing the driveway
  • Crossing the line crossing
  • Moving over the curved road
  • Reading road signs
  • Identifying road signage
  • Increasing your concentration
  • Avoiding risks
  • Identifying hazards
  • Steering in bad road situations
  • Merging into heavy traffic
  • Managing car at the highway
  • Crossing pedestrian
  • Following traffic lights

Want to Book an Appointment?

Get in touch. We’re offering you special lessons at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Fully insured
  • Experienced service
  • Responsive staff
  • Expert instructors
  • Co-operative and amiable staff
  • Punctual classes at Calgary Driving School
  • Steady sessions
  • Cost-effective
  • Committed service
  • Top-ranked center all across the city
  • Full range of services
  • Customer service open all 24 hours
  • Courteous staff


Contact us:

Call us: 403.903.8200 OR 403.926.4195

Visit our office: unit 209-4656 – Westwinds Dr. NE – Calgary T3J 3Z5

Beating Driving Test Anxiety with “Punjab Driving Academy”

Keen to be a Professional?

Welcome to “Punjab Driving Academy” – the most renowned center all across Calgary! Join Calgary Driving School. Guaranteed, certified! Cost-effective, reliable! Trustworthy school! Professional expert! Quality training!

Got Anxious About the Road Test?

Our Amiable instructors are available! Giving you constant practice! Hours and hours of training! Our qualified and courteous trainers heighten your confidence. Motivating you to take the risks! Preparing you for facing the road accidents. Encouraging you to handle your car by you!  Lifting your spirit. Reassuring you can do it. Inspiring you to drive! Committed staff available to pep you up and make you pass in the first go. Join us; you’ll love the company of our genius and genial professionals. Join Class 3 Driver Training Calgary!

What Expert Training?

Punctual and professional instructors at your service! On time! No waste of money. No waste of time.  No interruption, no disturbance. Steady classes! Through lessons! Enabling you to steer in a busy road!

  • Free consultants
  • A free customer care center
  • Free quotes

Planning a Long Trip?

No need to depend on anyone else. Join our tuning. Learn, practice, take the test and finally become a master. Run your car with us in all weather conditions. Enjoy steering all along the way. We make it less stressful. Come to us and become worry-free. You’ll face no health detriments, no stress. Calgary Driving School proposing safe practical activity and real life satisfaction! We work constantly, gradually equipping you with all the necessary skills you need. Know how to fuel up, steer, sit up straight, manage the great, check the engine and ultimately get complete control! Teaching you the safety tips, i.e., keeping extra tire, wearing belts, avoiding leaks, using lights, and checking oils or coolant! You’ll easily be able to spot out the infection or damage on the tire in the way.

Want to be Safe on The Road?

We make you avoid over speeding. Enabling you to control your car in crowded roads! You learn the following:

  • Using the horn at the right time
  • Holding the steering in a correct way
  • Maintaining a distance
  • Making you calm and relaxed during Class 3 Driver Training Calgary
  • Making you aware of the safe speed
  • Correcting the sitting posture
  • Remembering the signs
  • Practicing to ride your car on the highway
  • Using brakes and clutch
  • Analyzing the fuel level according to the distance
  • Steering in a misty conditions
  • Watering the windscreen to keep it clean
  • Using the windscreen washers and wipers
  • Identifying the tire damage
  • Checking the tire pressure regularly
  • Underlining the key points while on a busy traffic
  • Using the brake pad wear
  • Checking the handbrake in a suitable way
  • Following road rules
  • Identifying the engine shutdown
  • Charging the battery on time
  • Avoiding the vehicle shutdown
  • Wearing the seat-belt to avoid the bumps
  • Tackling the long way journeys
  • Staying safe on the road
  • Handling the pressure
  • Covering long-distance journeys
  • Parking and reversing
  • Moving to the left and right
  • Avoiding accidents
  • Making you licensed via our Calgary Driving School

Mastering Secret Driving Tips & Tricks

Keen to join the best driving school? “Punjab Driving Academy” a known name all over Calgary! 100% safe! Offering special lessons of Air Brake Course in Calgary! Valuing quality, cost efficiency! Quality is our ultimate standard.

Master Driving:

Do you want to pass in the first try? It’s fairly possible, NOW. In-class lessons! Get a license within a few months. Active staff! Maximizing your alertness and awareness! Cool tempered trainers. Flexible schedule throughout the sessions! Stress-free learning! Organized assessment! Insured center! Quality assessment!

Defensive Driving Course:

Do you never have any track experience? No big deal. Join a course now. On-time! Ordered lessons will make you familiar with the road, steering, or car seat. Standardized lessons of Driver Training Calgary – covering all aspects, i.e., starting and stopping off, parking, reversing, controlling the gear, steering, inclining start and angle parking! You will be able to drive at the three-point turn smoothly without undergoing any accident. We make you fully skilled to steer in a line, stop at the curb, read the road signs, or to discover high or low-speed areas. Scan the hazards, steer smoothly without any hindrance. Experience the trouble-free merging into the traffic. Control your car across the pedestrian or railway crossing, at the curvaceous pathway or in heavy traffic areas.  Our exercises make you steer in the bad road situations and to foresee hazardous circumstances. Authentic Air Brake Course in Calgary makes you understand road directions, rules, and signs. Tackle the car in a professional way in bad climatic conditions.

Why is “Punjab Driving Academy” so Unique?

  • One-to-one sessions
  • Booking open 24 hours
  • Large space to move freely
  • Competent environment
  • Competitively priced
  • Well-equipped school
  • Converting theoretical and practical aspects
  • Easy-going trainers
  • Adaptable surroundings
  • Removing road anxiety
  • Boosting confidence
  • Thorough exercises
  • Standard environment
  • Unique approach
  • Punctual and regular classes

Authentic Certification:

How great would it be to get your own car license? Wonderful, right! You’re free to join anytime. You’ll be convinced it’s the best-ever academy. Understand the road situations, rules, hazards, and signs. The far-reaching center of Driver Training in Calgary! Trusted and genuine! Certified to offer you specialized service! Reasonably priced! Amiable staff inviting inquisitiveness! Allowing all sorts of queries during training sessions! Learn all basics with a professional coach.

At a Fraction of the Cost:

Qualified instructors! Quality training of Air Brake Course Calgary! Reliable center! Experienced expert! Comfortable environment! All at fair charges! Offering a complete package of reliable license, concise lessons, expert trainers and more within the budget-friendly prices!

Specialized Sessions:

Are you an amateur driver? No worries. We make you fully skilled. Understand every single part of your car. Get all basic info. Professionals stay up-to-date with all current info. Fully insured center!

Enjoy Learning:

Do you get bored of constant learning, and practice? Come to us. Amiable trainers make it enjoyable for you. Experts are here, with great mind-reading abilities, understanding your capabilities and experience level then instilling the road skills accordingly. You‘ll be getting the grasp of all road rules, and directions quite quickly via our Driver Training in Calgary.