Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers at Your Service by “Punjab Driving School”

Frustrated with waiting for the bus for hours and hours? Why not learn to drive by yourself? Come to the “Punjab Driving School” – The Hub of experts fully geared up to offer you quick training. Professionals’ service is available at Calgary Driving School! Instilling new technical skills to get a good grip on your car’s steering! Perpetually supervised classes!

Vehicle Control:

Want to get the full control of your car? Join our methodical lessons now. Enjoy the freedom to drive. Professionals teach you all road-rules, directions, and signage. Constantly tweaking your skills! Boosting your confidence! In-depth lessons. Committed and punctual trainers! Through lessons. The well-maintained atmosphere! Patient staff! A vast area to navigate. Constant practice! Variety of sessions. Removing your confusion! Explaining every minor point. Giving you a clear picture! Practical Demonstration! Certified training center of Driving School in Calgary.

Individualized lessons:

Want the student inclined lessons? Our training service recognizing your weaknesses! Improving your strength! Amiable staff! Responding to your questions! Specialized lessons – covering all basics. Keeping in view your mind level, learning capabilities and psychological needs! Increasing your concentration level. Specifically designed sessions for all different students with different experiences and understanding!

Specialized Training:

Not familiar with the car seat? Intuitive staff is here to make you familiar with in the minimum duration of a few months. Making you adaptable, skilled, and trained! Using best teaching techniques! Getting to the bottom of all the secrets of managing your vehicle!

Tasks & Competencies:

Keen to know the hidden tips and tricks in Calgary Driving School? You come out to be an expert via the step-by-step process as well as the uninterrupted supervision at the end of the session.

  1. Starting off the vehicle
  2. Stopping the engine
  3. Controlling the steering
  4. Changing Gears
  5. Moving straightly
  6. Turning left
  7. Turning right
  8. Identifying stop sign
  9. Distinguishing the lower speed areas
  10. Distinguishing the higher speed areas
  11. Controlling the car in a bad climate
  12. Managing the steering in poor visibility
  13. Scanning the road to see any danger
  14. Anticipating any road accidents
  15. Following safety rules
  16. Identifying road hazards
  17. Angle parking
  18. Reversing
  19. Keeping yourself from hitting any other vehicle
  20. Passing the railway crossing
  21. Making your familiar with cars via Driving Classes in Calgary
  22. Passing the pedestrian crossing
  23. Passing across the curve
  24. Passing across the multi-lane areas
  25. Recognizing traffic lights
  26. Reading road signs
  27. Keeping a significant distance from trucks, cyclists and passersby
  28. Following basic road rules
  29. Avoiding accidents

Get in Touch!

Keen to join the training session? Get in touch! We’re fast to respond round-the-clock. Ask any questions. Experts are here to answer quickly.  Inquire about lessons, time schedule, fee, and certification, discounts, currently running sessions, type of classes or anything else you want.

Call: Dial our official number, 403.926.4195 OR 403.903.8200.

Visit: Come to our Calgary Driving School anytime you wish. We’re located at Unit 209-4656, Westwinds Dr NE, Calgary T3J 3Z5.