Mastering Dynamic Driving Skills by “Punjab Driving Academy”

Mastering Dynamic Driving Skills by “Punjab Driving Academy”

Keen to be a Driving Master?

Join the “Punjab Driving Academy” – a reliable Calgary Driving School. Ensuring to make you a master in a few months! Trusted, certified, police checked center. Playing a big role in making you skilled! Well organized training. Designed in a systematic way! Outstanding setup. Pep you up, paying attention to every single step.

No Road Sense?

No big deal! We transform you fully. No more amateur steering. Be the master of your car and roads. No more road anxiety. No depending on others. Undergo the surprising experience. Get the full sense of car’s steering, brakes, engine, fuel, oil, and the lights. Understand all complicated parts of the vehicle during Air Brake Course in Calgary. Learn all the key points what make you a skilled, trained, and certified driver. Get the direct ownership of your car.

Searching for a Professional Service?

Get trained by wonderful professional. Stress-free, safe and effective! Educated qualified expert at your service all the time! Correct steering. Making you tackle hard road and weather situations. Offering you an authentic license! Not leaving any question mark for you! Get fully certified. Patient coaches, through the syllabus, and on-time courses available!

Looking for a Trusted Local Academy?

We offer you trained professionals. Well known for pepping up thousands of skilled driver every year. Cost effective Calgary Driving School! Highly recommended by the locals! No waste of time. Our instructors scrutinize each step you learn. You undergo test and examination!

Want to Enjoy the Solo-Steering?

Join our company. Qualified staff offering you a full assessment and in-depth lessons throughout the training sessions! Comprehensive theory and practical exercises! Instructors are available for perpetual support. Analyzing every single process, keeping in mind your capabilities!  Quality ongoing lessons. Approachable staff, willing to address your concerns, doubts, and queries! Removing indecisions when it comes to handling your car by you! No more lack of certainty. Friendly instructors build trust in you during Air Brake Course in Calgary!

What to Learn?

The in-depth lessons cover all basic steps, as follows:

  • Steering
  • Stopping off
  • Gear control
  • Using horn
  • Getting a familiarity
  • Sitting position
  • Angel Parking
  • Reversing
  • Moving left
  • Changing oil
  • Engine control
  • Controlling the breaks
  • Maintaining safe distance
  • Using lights
  • Checking the fuel
  • Moving right
  • Using belt
  • Crossing the driveway
  • Crossing the line crossing
  • Moving over the curved road
  • Reading road signs
  • Identifying road signage
  • Increasing your concentration
  • Avoiding risks
  • Identifying hazards
  • Steering in bad road situations
  • Merging into heavy traffic
  • Managing car at the highway
  • Crossing pedestrian
  • Following traffic lights

Want to Book an Appointment?

Get in touch. We’re offering you special lessons at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Fully insured
  • Experienced service
  • Responsive staff
  • Expert instructors
  • Co-operative and amiable staff
  • Punctual classes at Calgary Driving School
  • Steady sessions
  • Cost-effective
  • Committed service
  • Top-ranked center all across the city
  • Full range of services
  • Customer service open all 24 hours
  • Courteous staff


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Call us: 403.903.8200 OR 403.926.4195

Visit our office: unit 209-4656 – Westwinds Dr. NE – Calgary T3J 3Z5