Beating Driving Test Anxiety with “Punjab Driving Academy”

Beating Driving Test Anxiety with “Punjab Driving Academy”

Keen to be a Professional?

Welcome to “Punjab Driving Academy” – the most renowned center all across Calgary! Join Calgary Driving School. Guaranteed, certified! Cost-effective, reliable! Trustworthy school! Professional expert! Quality training!

Got Anxious About the Road Test?

Our Amiable instructors are available! Giving you constant practice! Hours and hours of training! Our qualified and courteous trainers heighten your confidence. Motivating you to take the risks! Preparing you for facing the road accidents. Encouraging you to handle your car by you!  Lifting your spirit. Reassuring you can do it. Inspiring you to drive! Committed staff available to pep you up and make you pass in the first go. Join us; you’ll love the company of our genius and genial professionals. Join Class 3 Driver Training Calgary!

What Expert Training?

Punctual and professional instructors at your service! On time! No waste of money. No waste of time.  No interruption, no disturbance. Steady classes! Through lessons! Enabling you to steer in a busy road!

  • Free consultants
  • A free customer care center
  • Free quotes

Planning a Long Trip?

No need to depend on anyone else. Join our tuning. Learn, practice, take the test and finally become a master. Run your car with us in all weather conditions. Enjoy steering all along the way. We make it less stressful. Come to us and become worry-free. You’ll face no health detriments, no stress. Calgary Driving School proposing safe practical activity and real life satisfaction! We work constantly, gradually equipping you with all the necessary skills you need. Know how to fuel up, steer, sit up straight, manage the great, check the engine and ultimately get complete control! Teaching you the safety tips, i.e., keeping extra tire, wearing belts, avoiding leaks, using lights, and checking oils or coolant! You’ll easily be able to spot out the infection or damage on the tire in the way.

Want to be Safe on The Road?

We make you avoid over speeding. Enabling you to control your car in crowded roads! You learn the following:

  • Using the horn at the right time
  • Holding the steering in a correct way
  • Maintaining a distance
  • Making you calm and relaxed during Class 3 Driver Training Calgary
  • Making you aware of the safe speed
  • Correcting the sitting posture
  • Remembering the signs
  • Practicing to ride your car on the highway
  • Using brakes and clutch
  • Analyzing the fuel level according to the distance
  • Steering in a misty conditions
  • Watering the windscreen to keep it clean
  • Using the windscreen washers and wipers
  • Identifying the tire damage
  • Checking the tire pressure regularly
  • Underlining the key points while on a busy traffic
  • Using the brake pad wear
  • Checking the handbrake in a suitable way
  • Following road rules
  • Identifying the engine shutdown
  • Charging the battery on time
  • Avoiding the vehicle shutdown
  • Wearing the seat-belt to avoid the bumps
  • Tackling the long way journeys
  • Staying safe on the road
  • Handling the pressure
  • Covering long-distance journeys
  • Parking and reversing
  • Moving to the left and right
  • Avoiding accidents
  • Making you licensed via our Calgary Driving School