Air Brake Course in Calgary

Air Brake Course

Air Brake Course in Calgary is provided for anyone who wants to use a vehicle that is operated with air brakes. For that, you need to have a specific kind of license to do so. At Punjab Driving School, the best driving school in Calgary, we provide the most reliable air brakes Training where drivers can learn from the master of Air Brake System. If you want to take things to that next level and give yourself the help that you need in taking things further then you need to have the right kind of training. At the best Driving School in Calgary, we offer fully accredited air brake course training. Once we are finished together, you’ll be fully equipped to use any vehicle that uses air brakes!

In Alberta, the Air Brake Course is also called Q-Endorsement. When you complete your air brake training, you get a Q-Endorsement on your driver’s license. Our Instructor at Punjab Driving School has rich experience in teaching Air Brakes and is a well-known name in the driving industry.

 This is designed to give you a complete understanding of both the theoretical and the practical side of using air brakes. Once you finish the course, you will be able to get into the world of employment with vehicles that use this kind of braking system. It’s a hugely lucrative career path and can be just what you need moving forward into the next level of your career opportunities. Comprehensive Q-Endorsement training is provided by the best truck driving school in Calgary.

Air Brake Training in Calgary

For help in arranging an air brake training in Calgary to help you get to grips with the service, we can arrange everything for you as soon as you need it. We’ll set an appointment for your earliest convenience and ensure that you have more than enough time to go and get the air brake training that you need.

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Air brake training calgary

Q-Endorsement (Course content and cost)

Air brake Endorsement is needed to drive any vehicle equipped with an Air brake system. It’s mandatory for the Class 1 MELT truck driving road test program since March 1st,2019 as per the new truck driver training program by Alberta Transportation.

Also, Class 2 and 3 students need to get training before road tests if they want to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes. As of now, Punjab Driving school Calgary charges $200+GST per student for Q-endorsement training. One Day 6.5 hrs of classroom coaching is followed by practical yard training of about 2 hrs.

Our practical training is provided at the intersection of 64 Ave and Metis Trail NE Calgary, near Westwinds Superstore.

This course will introduce the student to the air brake system of a tractor and trailer combination. It will also by theory and practical exercises, allow the candidate to become familiar with the Air Brake Systems.

Prerequisites: Must have an Alberta valid driver’s license Class “5” or higher

Learning Outcomes

After the student passes the practical training test, he has to appear in the knowledge test in a nearby registry, we recommend registries in Savaana or Barlow Trail in NE. Once a candidate passes the written test, he gets an Air Brake (Q) Endorsement. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to explain how the air brake system works.

Air Brake Course in Calgary-Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my air brake license in Alberta?

To get Air brake endorsement in Alberta, you need to follow the following steps :

    1. Attend the Air Brake Course from Alberta Transportation recognized driving school in Calgary Ab.
    2. Pass the practical test, you have 2 attempts to pass the same
    3. Appear for knowledge test at a registry. You can appear once a day but have to pay a fee every time
    4. Get Q-endorsement on your driver’s license
Do I need a Class 1 to drive a motorhome with air brakes

Class 1 driver’s license is not necessary to operate that motorhome. You can drive that vehicle if you have a minimum of class 5 with a Q-endorsement

How long is the ALBETA Q-endorsement test and where it is conducted

2 hrs. of yard training is provided and after that half, an hour test is conducted and within 2 tries you have to clear the test. Our yard is near the intersection of Metis Trail and 64 Ave in NE Calgary.

You can visit any Alberta Transportation certified registry for the knowledge test, close to our office are Savaana (Northeast) and Barlow Trail NE Calgary.

A classroom training session of 6.5 hrs prepares you for the air brake knowledge test.

Class 1 pre-trip inspection training session and road test training, includes all steps of air pressure checkup and other details.

What are the basic components of an air brake system?
      1. Compressor
      2. Reservoirs
      3. Governor
      4. Airlines
      5. Foundation brakes
      6. Safety valve
Does q-endorsement expires

Once you get air brake q endorsement certification, it will stay on your valid license and it will not expire

For what classes of driver’s licenses, the course is mandatory

Q-endorsement is a must and part of the class 1 MELT Truck driver training and road test. For classes 2 and 3, if you need to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes, only then you have to get the endorsement.

Where can I get an affordable and quality Air Brake Course near me?

To attend the class of Q-Endorsement, Air Brake Training in Calgary, Alberta and visit our office in Westwinds Dr.NE, which is near Westwinds Police Station and just north of Mcknight Trail NE Calgary. Nearby neighbourhoods are Martindale, Taradale, Falconridge, CastleRidge and Saddleridge. Communities of CityScape, Skyview, RedStone and Cornerstone are around 20 minutes drive from our office location. We have clients from as far as Airdrie, Chestermere, Balzac, Crossfield and other parts of the Greater Calgary area, Alberta.

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