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    Driving School in Calgary to become a safe driver

    • Get Connected for certified and demanding truck driving careers.
    • Advanced Air brake courses to enhance your HTV driving skills.
    • Learn and educate with the best Driving  instructors.
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    Become a safe driver with our dedicated and Expert Trainers

    • Best Driving School Calgary to induce responsible driving skills in freshers.
    • Dedicated team of professional and expert trainers
    • Brilliant class 1 drivers training for all legal ages.
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    Best Driving School To Master Driving Skills

    • Defensive Driving Courses; contributing to safe driving on roads.
    • Attain Reliable class 3 driver training for harmless maneuvers.
    • Driving school calgary for best driving training.

Driving School Calgary: Punjab Driving school!

Punjab Driving school Calgary is the leader with years of experience in providing driving courses that make into responsible drivers. Get behind the wheels and work on enhancing your driving skills by learning from finest of the trainers who will assist you with every crucial aspect of street-driving. Our sincere professional experts are experienced in teaching new drivers the technique they require for driving safely on the streets, while also making them aware of all the rules which ensure safety in the society. Even if you already know how to drive and want to polish your skills, we welcome you to enjoy a seamless learning experience with Punjab Driving School. The driving instructors here are friendly, polite and possess the right knowledge, making us the Top driving school in Calgary.

Punjab Driving School is a Calgary-based driving school that has been teaching driving skills to new drivers for the past many years now. Our Driving instructors help new drivers drive safely and confidently. We make sure that our students are ready to take the Driving test and successfully obtain their driving licenses. For all driving courses, the driving school Calgary offers a free pick-up and drop-off service to save you both time and hassle. We understand that our students can be college students, working professionals, elders, or just anyone. That’s why we have flexible schedules so that they can fit your needs.

There are various driving schools in Calgary that claim to be the best. But, what sets us apart is our experience, office location, and driving courses. We offer unbeatable customer service and strive to produce successful students. Our wide range of driving courses includes certified driving curriculum, brush-up lessons, insurance reduction course, and more. Our aim is to produce drivers who can drive safely on the roads while adhering to traffic rules

Learn Driving Skills with Your Trusted Local Driving School

Learning from certified trainers is a guaranteed way to pass your road test and get your class 5 license which provides you with the legal freedom and mobility. Our team includes multi-language trainers which bridge the gap caused due to language barriers and allow the learners to achieve maximum results during their driving lessons. The private lessons at our driving school ensure that every student gets 100% attention and get to evolve with step-by-step driver education. While you are on the road, the most important aspect is to drive safely. Keeping this in mind, our instructors also help you with theoretical knowledge so that you get a clear view of the right actions which need to be taken while you are out there as we are focused on making the world a safe place to live. Punjab Driving school is a renowned and reliable driving school Calgary as we take all the necessary measures and empower our students with quality driving learning experience

We provide free pick up facility to our class 5 car driving students. Students from nearby NE Calgary communities of Taradale, Saddleridge, Whitehorn, Castleridge, Falconridge, Martindale and Corel Springs can request their driving instructor for the same and they would be more than willing to accommodate.
We have a team of highly experienced and professional staff to train students. They are all patient and friendly throughout training sessions for optimal learning and refreshing of driving skills.
We seek to train drivers in a safe atmosphere so whenever they hit the road they become a liability not an obstruction. We deliberately train them to abide traffic rules for responsible maneuvers.
We have trainers from round the world with their global experience. This not only makes them effective while training but these multilingual communicators are optimal to teach in native tongue.
It’s not that we teach over all driving here. If you are interested in refreshing your driving skills or want to reduce license demerits, we also offer individual courses to enroll and get benefit from.
Brush up and insurance reduction course are also provided by professional driving instructors. Specialized winter driving lessons are available for Calgary Alberta residents, so that our clients are familiar with snow road conditions and are ready to prepare for class 5 driving road test by Alberta Transportation certified examiner. We provide free pick-up facility to NE Calgary residents. As many of our students pass in first try and due to our exceptional customer service, most of our former students would definitely recommend us.
One of the best driving schools in Calgary is conveniently located in Westwinds Drive NE Calgary and our yard is on the intersection of 64 Ave and Metis Trail NE Calgary Ab.
Driving lessons and driving courses by highly qualified professional instructors with flexible schedule teach students to drive safely. Clients get behind the wheel and start driving with great driver education experience as the main motive of driving school Calgary is to produce successful students. One-day specialized Classroom training also helps to get an insurance reduction certificate and improve driving skills.

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    At our Calgary driving school, we train about all types of driver training that are once and for all solution of your professional and personal motoring hustles.

    Want To Know What Our Certified Driving Courses Brings For You?

    With the right credentials and trained staff, we’ve become a demanding driver training school. Our service benefits are listed below that will certainly compel you to join us.

    Guaranteed results

    Enroll with us now and become a skilled driver & license owner

    Practical sessions

    With hands on practices, you’ll be confident to get into vehicle

    Flexible timing

    We Provide time convenience with multiple sessions each day

    Affordable fee

    Our pocket-friendly packages specially aimed for all classes

    Punjab Driving school Blog

    If you want to learn in depth about our service structure and training sessions or reasons that makes our business so important, make sure to have a look at our company blogs.

    The best driving school Calgary :
    Frequently asked questions

    How much are driving lessons in Calgary?

    For car driving lessons (class 5 ) we charge $50 p.h and for Commercial driving training (Class 1), our fees is $100 P.H. Vehicle is available to rent for the car Road Test at a cost of $80 and $ 100 (for GDL)and for class 1 MELT, we charge $200. In the NE Calgary, for $450, 10 hrs driving classes for car training and and 15 hrs. of insurance reduction course are included. Fee for MELT Class 1 truck training program is $7900. GST for all courses is extra. 24 hrs. notice is needed if you are not able to attend the class, Cancellation fee will be charged otherwise.

    Do you provide brush-up driving lessons?

    Brush-up lessons are customized towards the student's needs, focusing on driving skills and areas where the trainee may feel they need more practice. These are for experienced drivers who want to refresh their driving skills and knowledge and for those drivers who require additional professional training prior to road test. Yes, at Punjab Driving school, Calgary, we provide brush-up lessons for all classes of driving licenses .One brush up lesson consists of two hours of driving in a school vehicle with Alberta Transportation certified instructor.

    Do you provide Class 3 license training?

    At Punjab Driving Academy, one of the leading driving schools in Calgary, Alberta, we provide complete range of driving courses. Class 3 classes for single truck with 3 axles are provided and also you can have q- Endorsement Air Brake Course.

    Is driving school mandatory in Alberta?

    For semi, MELT ( Mandatory Entry Level Program) program was introduced on March 1, 2019. 121.5 hrs. of classroom session, yard and in cab driving classes are conducted by driving instructors to prepare new drivers for the road. At our licensed driving school, all our students have amazing experience while preparing for the driving test. For class 5 (car driving license), minimum hrs are not mandatory for most of the cases but you can confirm with nearby registry with your documents.

    How do I pass my driving test first time?

    1. Following steps needs to follow
    2. Choose your driving Institute carefully
    3. Go for the driving instructor of highest quality
    4. Asking questions to the trainer
    5. Driving on various routes
    6. Revisiting theory for more knowledge and reading Alberta Government handbook
    7. Practice
    8. Mock Test

    At Calgary driving school you are in right hands. Our driving instructors prepare you for road test so that not only you get insurance reduction certificate also you have more chances of getting driver's license in first attempt. At Punjab Driving school, established driving school in Calgary, we assure you the best driver education and in car driving lessons. All our driving instructors are fully qualified to prepare students for the driving road test.

    Do you serve NE Calgary residents only?

    Though our office is in NE Calgary Alberta, near the Westwind's Police station and most of our students are from nearby NE Communities, not only we serve other quadrants of Calgary, we have students from nearby towns of Brooks, Airdrie, CarStairs, Cross Iron Mall Chestermere and southern Alberta.

    Is 5 car driving lessons enough to get class 5 license?

    At our driving school in Calgary, one lesson consists of 2 hrs of teaching with our best driving instructor. As per driving experts student need at least at 5 classes to build confidence and more before test to build confidence to perform in front of the driver examiner. We always suggest more sessions for successful completion of qualifying exam for driver's license.

    Safe driving habits inculcated by professional male and female driving instructors helps in reduction of motor vehicle insurance costs and pass driving test in first attempt

    Where can I find Driving School near me in Calgary?

    One of the leading and established driving Coaching Centres in Calgary providing quality driver training with affordable fees is conveniently located in Westwinds Drive NE Calgary and our yard is on the intersection of 64 Ave and Metis Trail NE Calgary Ab.